[Finance] The first sub-banking project negotiations in Liaoning Province were extremely successful

[Finance] The first sub-banking project negotiations in Liaoning Province were extremely successful

  On October 28, 202, due to the serious situation of the epidemic, the first use of Asian Valley Loan Liaoning Green Smart Bus Demonstration Project is carried out in a video conference method. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Provincial Project Team, the Provincial Finance and Development and Reform Departments and the Provincial Project Office of the Provincial Project Office participated in negotiations, and the financial sector and project implementation units of 5 projects were held. The negotiations mainly consult and discuss the "Loan Agreement", "Project Agreement" legal text and "project documents", etc., and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

After adequate consultation, negotiations have achieved consensus, it has identified the loan currency, the period, the repayment method, the date, the project content, organizational implementation, monitoring assessment and other matters, forming the "negotiation disciration" and relevant legal advice. The negotiations are successful, completed one day in advance than the original plan.

  The negotiation is highly satisfactory, mainly due to the following: First, the Ministry of Finance is carefully organized and strong support. Key Department actively organizes the province to conduct the preparations before negotiations, listen to and affirm the revision of the draft negotiations to help our province and Asia vote, and carefully control the negotiation text (English).

  The second is that the Yabanou project team is excellent, experienced.

Dr. Yang Hongliang, Yang Hongliang, chief investment operation expert, is a strict professional, intimate service, and delivering the draft negotiation (English), and takes into account principles and flexible, pays attention to cooperation, easy to communicate, and be good at listening to opinions and suggestions.

  The third is that our province attaches great importance to it. The provincial main leaders gave the province to use the sub-investment loan work to highly affirm that "organized projects" and other instructions. The Provincial Finance Department pays attention to implementation, organizes the provincial project office, project municipal finance departments and implementation units, and sequel the text of the negotiations.

  Liaoning Green Smart Public Transport Demonstration Project uses Asia vote billion euros, the loan period is 25 years, used in Jinzhou, Yingkou, Fuxin, Panjin, Huludao 5 cities purchase electric buses, and builds a bus intelligent management system. Project completion will effectively reduce harmful gas emissions, enhance government traffic governance ability, and improve the level of convenience for the people.

The success of negotiations is a good start of our province and Ya Taoquet. The Provincial Department of Finance will organize the "Project Agreement" signature to ensure that the project is successfully implemented, and it is effective. Editor in charge: Zhang Bohua.