What is the advantages of the Beijing Stock Exchange set up

What is the advantages of the Beijing Stock Exchange set up

On the evening of September 2, President Xi Jinping announced in the 2021 International Service Trade Trade Trade Summit to continue to support the innovation and development of SMEs, deepen new three board reforms, set up a Beijing stock exchange, and build a service innovative SME Owner position.

The new three board (National SME Shares Transfer System) is the third largest national securities trading place independent of the Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange, and the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange is an integrated upgrade based on the new three board.

Why set up a Beijing stock exchange? What is the advantage of it? What is all the use of Beijing Securities Transaction? SMEs have an important role in promoting economic growth, promoting scientific and technological innovation, increase employment, etc., long-term SMEs have always had difficulty in financing and financing expensive, and it is difficult to support direct financing. "We must have a large businesses, more need to have a covered small businesses.

Xu Hongcai, deputy director of the China Policy Science Research Association Economic Policy Committee, said that SMEs are the main force of national economy and social development, and it is an important basis for promoting economic realization. Therefore, supporting SMEs in capital market financing is Beijing Securities transactions The main purpose of the established.

"Beijing stock exchange is clear, clearly supporting the development of small and medium enterprises, especially ‘specializing, new’ innovative SMEs.

Liu Ying, the researcher of the Chongyang Finance Research Institute of China, China To introduce the company to the Beijing Stock Exchange, there will be unique advantages to SMEs to provide financing support; the second is the innovation of the listing system, the main investment team of the institutional investors, promote the reform of the registration system, listed and retreat It has targeted innovation in the conditions of the city; the third is to support innovative SMEs, effective service of investment and financing demand for small and medium-sized enterprises in technology, and the development of the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchange, interconnection. How to build a Beijing Stock Exchange? New Three boards will set different conditions from low to high to the base layer, innovative layer and selection. According to the SFC, the Beijing stock exchange listed company is produced by innovative layer, and maintains the new three-plate base layer, innovative layer and The market structure of the Beijing Stock Exchange "layer progress", synchronized pilot securities issuance registration system. Liu Ying pointed out that the Beijing Stock Exchange can also hierarchically, the branch is developed. Internal and innovative layers, basic layer implementation " "Imperial", external and Shanghai-Shenzhen Exchange realize "panel interconnection". After the SMEs listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange have grown to the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. "Beijing Stock Exchange should focus more focused on innovative small small The development of enterprises consolidate from the technical level, business model, profitability, etc.

"Xu Hongcai suggested that many sets of listing standards for SMEs to choose, targeted to introduce innovative inclusive listing, promote more small and medium-sized innovation companies to promote their own upgrade development through listing financing, and pass differentiated Strategic positioning attracts the "special" SMEs from all over the country to listed financing. What is the impact on my country’s capital market pattern and the influence of the capital market after the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, Liu Ying said that there is no trading in China At the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange, it helps to promote the balance and coordination of my country’s regional economy. Xu Hongcai also said that the Beijing Stock Exchange can attract the "specialized new" in the country through differentiated strategic positions. Enterprises come to listed financing. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing’s three stock exchanges have complementary advantages, carry out benign competition, which helps overall the function and efficiency of my country’s multi-level capital markets, for entity economic services. (Editor: Xiao Cong, He Yingchun) Share more people see.