Tong Yahui: "Calligraphy, I am willing to use a life"

Tong Yahui: "Calligraphy, I am willing to use a life"

Original title: Tong Yahui: "Calligraphy, I am willing to use a life to pursue" Tong Yahui, born in 1960, Zhejiang Ninghai. "

Also known as Ya Ya, the word is Run, the owner of the Yunyun Lou, the owner of the bamboo book house, there is a person. He is now a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Director of the Zhejiang Calligrapher Association, the Database & Sli, Chairman of the Xi Xi Yinshe Association, Hangzhou Calligrapher Association.

"Promoting calligraphy inheriting the Chinese culture, significant, this is the mission and responsibility of the city bookwork." Recently, he was selected at the 8th member representative of Hangzhou Calligraphers Association. Tong Yahui, the chairman of the new Municipal Book Association, is accepting The reporter is deeply responsible for the reporter and has a long way.

Since the young guidance from the pionex, a Liu Gong Qiang Xiaoxiao, a Ling Feijing, the two stipicles, let Tong Yahui benefited a lot. "I am amazed that the ancients can write the beauty, and it has created curious and worshiping the calligraphy since then.

"After the road to Xi Bao, it will become a pursuit from simple hobbies, and calligraphy brings Tong Yahui’s power.

In the early 1980s, Tong Yapu was a prerop by Wang Dongling, Yu Jianhua, Zhou Guocheng.

He started from the Hanji, smashed the body of Qin, Wei Mei, Tang Wei and the grassbook. For decades, Tong Yahui has long been pursued by calligraphy as its spirit. When he is working, he does not have a pioneering, and it is quite rich. "Drilling research calligraphy has a new experience, which makes me always maintain a sunshine positive mentality.

"Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art. It is the splendid flower of Chinese culture. From Oracle, Xiaoyu, Lishu to the book, walk grass, calligraphy has been exudes its artistic charm.

Tong Yahui believes that Chinese calligraphy is also the best carrier in Chinese culture to the world. It roots in the most traditional Chinese cultural spirit, relying on the most old and beautiful abstract art. "As a book, as a book, we must pass the calligraphy inherit this relay bar. In addition to practicing the traditional techniques of calligraphy, the content of the work should be better reflected in the style of the times, the so-called form and the content of the organic unity. .

"In Tong Yapu, an excellent calligraphy home, first should not close the door, but to care about the national event, care about the social development, and there must be a clear understanding of the current society, only in the correct values, calligraphy creation In order to reflect the vitality of the work, it can be more grounded.

"The calligraphy home must be diligent, good at thinking, can not only be satisfied with the hard work skills. The so-called ‘Kung Fu is in the words."

As far as I personally, I usually work is busy, but I will use fragmentation time to learn and think. "Tong Yapu said that he often records some of the ideological materials that will be accumulated at the time during the business trip.

The time, often doing poems, doing text games, striving to intert into more cultural fields and the ancients "dialogue exchange", cultivation, which is also a great promotion of calligraphy creation.

"Calligraphy is my lifelong business, I am willing to use a life to pursue.

"Nearby Chinese Calligraphy Creation has been trying to seek a balance and fusion between the monument.

Looking forward to 2021, he hoped a calligraphy exhibition, the work mainly surrounded the ancient excellent names such as "Yuyang Tower", "Drunkard Pavilion", and the poetry songs created by different books.

Hangzhou historical and cultural accumulation is deep, with calligraphy art with special fate, for thousands of years, literati in the West Lake, leaving a beautiful poetry and Mao, have produced a number of calligraphy and enjoying a good reputation in the country and world .

In recent years, the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to cultural construction, and vigorously develop and prosper calligraphy art as an important part of the construction of "cultural city". As a new book leader leading the sheep, standing in the new starting point, Tong Yapu further reflects the future development blueprint of Hangzhou calligraphy career. "Carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture, build Hangzhou calligraphy art gold business card, first to grasp the direction, return to traditional Chinese and huge innovation, think that people’s services are the purpose, doing art leaders, enhance public aesthetics.

"Tong Yahui said that calligraphy art is not a mountain flow, tall and widow. He hopes that more and more people learn the cultural art of Chinese calligraphy, and call on calligraphy to enter the usual people. In the future of the city How to play a calligraphy city’s own advantage? In the process of understanding the visit, Tong Yapan discovered that the enthusiasm of mobilizing the team personnel was extremely important by holding the cultural art series activities.

"Cultural Art Activities as a common event for calligraphy workers, while giving full play to the expertise and work characteristics of their respective positions, advocating, leading the whole people to love calligraphy and participate in them, thus further strengthening the construction of a young generation calligraphy team." He said, contemporary Hangzhou Book Association and books, strive to achieve two "identifiable", "One is to deal with our old mayor Su Dongpo, II is worthy of Hangzhou named" China Calligraphy City "this glorious title!" According to Nubi Hui, At the historical intersection of the "two hundred years" struggle, Hangzhou calligraphy industry stage will be broader and large. The Book Association revolves around the 100th anniversary of the 2021, 2022, the 2022 "eighth strategy" implemented 20th anniversary, with this as an opportunity, starting the hand, creating a number of events, as currently planning "Dongpo Award" calligraphy contest, through the exquisite cultural spirit, carry forward the positive positive energy on the basis of absorption, and show the highest level of calligraphy in Hangzhou.

"The pace of the times, the people-centered," Tong Yahui expects Hangzhou calligraphy, calligraphy workers and enthusiasts can take responsibility for promoting the heavy responsibility of China’s outstanding traditional culture, bravely climbing calligraphy art peaks, constantly improving their thoughts and artistic levels Create an artistic work that is worthy of the era, the people. (Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).