Zhongqing Net Review: Enhance China – ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, accelerate regional economy comprehensive recovery

Zhongqing Net Review: Enhance China – ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, accelerate regional economy comprehensive recovery

  On November 27th, China President Xi Jinping stressed in the 17th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, the Chinese side is the focus of the ASEAN as the peripheral diplomatic priority and high quality. Regional, I hope to promote cooperation in various fields with ASEAN to maintain a good momentum of prosperity in the region, build a more close Chinese-ASEAN fate community, and improve China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, accelerate regional economy comprehensive recovery proposing initiatives.

  This year is the 10th anniversary of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, further implementation of China-ASEAN free trade agreement, significant. Under the epidemic, China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation has increased against the trend. In the first quarter of the first quarter, the import and export data of goods trade in the first quarter of China has shown that China and ASEAN cargo trade reached 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth%. ASEAN exceeds the EU, has historically become China’s largest trading partner. Deeply interpreting the logic behind, it is not difficult to find, convenient geographic channel, smooth logistics transportation, and trade complementarity, plus both anti-vlorative cooperation, and strong support for China-ASEAN trade continues to grow.

  The convening of this meeting has coincided with the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) signed shortly.

The signing of this agreement marks the most popular population in the world, the most economic and trade scale, the most developed free trade zone officially launched. Statistics show that in 2019, the total population of 15 Member States in RCEP Deli, GDP reached 26 trillion US dollars, and the total exports reached trillion, all of which accounted for about 30% of the world.

"Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" takes effect as soon as possible, will open a broader space to China and ASEAN future, promote comprehensive recovery in East Asia. "China is willing to work together with the ASEAN to work hard, smooth trade, promote investment, open the market, promote the industry chain, supply chain, and value chain depth of the two sides. Under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, it takes measures to make people travers and goods circulation. "China’s economic and trade cycle flows between China, is very important. In the past ten years, China and ASEAN bilateral goods, high-speed growth, industrial chains, value chain depth, funding, and production capacity cooperation have unlimited opportunities.

  In particular in recent years, bilateral economic and trade cooperation parks have become a highlight of international capacity cooperation in the background of the trade district, and a large number of landmark economic and trade cooperation platforms such as Zhongma, "Two Guo Double Park", Thai Raffi Industrial Park. The Ministry of Commerce has shown that 7,000 product tariffs have been canceled in the framework of China-ASEAN, and 90% of the products have realized zero tariffs. In 2002, the trade area was only 54.8 billion US dollars in the launch of the launch area, and in 2019, it exceeded $ 600 billion, more than 10 times.

Today, China-ASEAN cooperation is not only the red red, but also in the broader field of technology, cloud services, data centers, humanities, etc., will be fully opened, and will further open the "new window" "New Vision" of international cooperation. .

  China – ASEAN Expo is the international economic and trade event organized by China and ASEAN 10 Government Economic and Trade Administration and ASEAN Secretariat, and Guangxi has been successfully held 16th, promoted and witnessed China-ASEAN strategic partnerships. The rapid improvement of the economic and trade cooperation, the increasing relationship between humanities and civil society, play an important role in serving the "One Belt All Road".

This year’s China-ASEAN Expo is the theme of "Building a Room 1 Road", and the Digital Economy "is aimed at deepening China-ASEAN digital economic cooperation, promoting the high-quality development of" a belt all the way ", and injection into the economic and social development of both parties. New vitality.

We must use the Footage of China – ASEAN Expo platform function, and play a greater role in the overall development of economic and trade cooperation in China – ASEAN and East Asia.

  In the current situation of unstable uncertain factors, unilateralism, protectionism, the initiative on improving economic and trade cooperation, accelerating regional economy, is a specific dedication of Chinese programs and Chinese wisdom, but also as a responsible big country Concern, pragmatic and substantive participation on regional economy. China and ASEAN work together, will achieve greater contributions to achieving higher levels of Asia-Pacific economic integration, promoting greater contribution of economic recovery growth and even continuity growth.

(Cai Enze).