When you are in progress! Tianyi Cloud fully creates "smart event"

When you are in progress! Tianyi Cloud fully creates "smart event"

In terms of image collection dimensions, China Telecom has set up a four-channel video camera in the National Games. The 24-way camera is used in VR live broadcast. The 72-way camera is used for free perspective mode, 4 HD cameras for multi-view mode Test. Through VR live broadcast, free perspective, multi-visibility, different dimensions, etc., allows viewers to enjoy exciting.

At the National Games, China Telecom created a new Shaanxi full portrait of Shaanxi through Tianyi Cloud.

The platform is facing all events, watch seasters, real-time dynamic management of "prevention prevention, remote prevention, pre-match verification, post-match", can realize ID card, ticket, health certification three certificates First, let the "centralized unity" becomes possible under digital technology support, and realize the safety of the immunity.

This time, China Telecom plans all over-coverage of 5G signal venues for the National Games, and brings the audience to the audience’s three viewers. The game model, using the 4K high-definition live broadcast of different positions in the competition, through the frame synchronous multi-perspective, realize the four-way real-time watch, allow the audience to switch, independently. In addition, Tianyi Yun also provides a video live on demand solution for the event.

When the audience is in the galaxy, Tianyi Cloud will be on demand, live broadcast request to the nearest CDN node, use 5G + cloud technology, and process 72 video streams synchronously in the cloud, so free to capture the wonderful moment, let the audience choose each Sports scene visits, get an immersive gaze experience. In terms of news report, China Telecom Tianyi cloud uses 5G + Gigabit Internet technology to fully integrate broadcast, television, network new media, etc., to create "cloud media repository" and realize "resource introduction" The new media, the content of the content, and the publicity of the integration, and the high-definition, high-capacity event video is used to store the media reporter during the event, which provides a rich and detailed media worker in the country. , Professional, safe, high-speed first-hand information information and high quality image information. During the event of the National Games, Tianyi Yunxiao platform empower wisdom sports build a network, a picture, a platform’s intelligent event service system, realizing the "integration" management of the venue, and 5G + application, artificial intelligence, New generation information technology such as cloud, big data, integrate into sports events, provide integrated information services such as smart events, wisdom operations, smart security, wisdom parking, smart properties, to create a "Futian Venue", provide a solid foundation for high-level sports events Assure.

From scientific and technological epidemic prevention, the blessing of smart venues, the blessing of digital technology has created a solid digital base for this year, with a wonderful event in digital sports.

This also shows that my country’s sports industry will take advantage of the wind and enterprises in intelligent construction, sports enterprises, "Sports Enterprise", "Sports Enterprise", " New butterfly changes in the sports industry.

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