Yunnan launched the fifth batch of "digital consumption season" activities

Yunnan launched the fifth batch of "digital consumption season" activities

  In order to implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government on expanding domestic demand, comprehensive promotion of consumption, effectively promote consumption upgrade, stimulate consumer market vitality, release digital consumption potential, and enhance the role of consumption on economic growth, "Double 11" is coming The Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce organized the first 2021 "Digital Consumer Season" series of theme activities. This event is to promote consumption, Huimin students as the tenet, and specific to the principle of "enterprise independent, market operation, government encouragement, platform open", is implemented by the company.

The series activities use an open architecture to encourage more companies to join, continue to promote consumption recovery and transformation and upgrading.

  Construction Bank Yunnan Branch, Yunnan Suning Tesco Sales Co., Ltd., Kunming Gome & Electrical Co., Ltd. And canned food limited liability company, Yunnan Olon Shibo Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan CCB, Yunnan Suning, Gome, Kunming Box Horse, Kunming Carrefour, Jingdong Five Stars, Wal-Mart, German, Olong Shibo) and other companies participate in this Batch event.

  Yunnan CCB conducts special marketing promotion activities through "one mobile phone visit to the business circle" platform. During the event, each user logs in to the "one mobile phone to visit the business circle" platform on Wednesday, collecting a "Hui Enjoy the Golden Autumn Purchase National Day" coupon, and 3 preferential benefits can be enjoyed during the event. Effective, coupons have been issued 300 per week, and users use small program wallet payment with a small-scale wallet to pay a settlement in Kunming Pai Sheng Shengchao. The preferential area of ??the "Fun is a gift" exclusive coupon, and travel to Panlong District Aiqihai Shopping Park in Panlong District Specify merchant consumption, settle the online payment function and use the shopping circle The program wallet pays, you can enjoy the coupon for 20 yuan to reduce 11 yuan discount, or buy a rice food gift package to reduce 50 yuan discount. Yunnan Suining has launched a series of promotions to the province.

First, lead 500 yuan home appliances to deduct coupons, the audience is 5,000 minus 500.

Second, in Suning Tesco purchase any home appliance, send a charging treasure or Bluetooth headset worth 68 yuan, and then send 2 tickets for Kunming Auto Show. Third, the purchase of the active model single piece is 100,000 provinces 100, the highest province 3000; the purchase is more cost-effective, 10000 yuan will save 1000, the highest province is 10000; participate in the old replacement new highest subsidy 1000 yuan.

The fourth is to pay with the designated bank credit card (China Agricultural Workers’ Big, Traffic), can enjoy the staging interest, the highest 5000 minus 300 discount.

  Gome launches a variety of promotions such as low-priced. During the event, you can enjoy a single piece of 1000 yuan to return to 110 yuan.

With the old new users to buy color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, kitchen and bathroom, enjoy 10% of the old replacement subsidy, to high subsidies 300 (each unit), purchase new machine enjoyment with subsidies. Kunming box Ma fen launched "boxed horse colorful new store opening gift package" "Fukk bag value purchase" and other activities.

One is November 11th, the boxed horse fresh southwest PLUS store officially unveiled the color Metown shopping center, the opening of the whole game full 100 back 200, the category ticket is reduced: seafood full 299 yuan minus 50 yuan, the wine is over 199 yuan minus 50 yuan , The box horse daily fresh 69 yuan minus 10 yuan, the people’s livelihood department stores 199 minus 100 yuan.

The second is the value of the blessing bag, 99 yuan purchase value 279 yuan value standard blessing bag, 199 yuan purchase value 359 yuan value-for-money fresh blessing bag. The third is the box horse – Mitsubishi special service, you can enjoy free special delivery over 399 yuan in the box.

  Kunming Carrefour has carried out a promotion of November, and can participate through Carrefour applets.

From now until November 11th, enter the Carrefour’s small program center, collect "99-10 yuan" coupons, purchase some of the goods available, receive "35-5 yuan" coupons, buy fresh part of the goods available .

From now until November 17th, the "Beautiful Life Festival" area, the whole product is over 199 yuan, can enjoy the discount of at least 50 yuan; maternal and child special purchase, the whole maternal and child merchandise shopping is over 60 yuan, can Enjoy a discount of at least 20 yuan; purchase some of the items such as Jinlong fish food oil, you can enjoy a full 119 reduction of 20 yuan, full 199 minus 40 yuan discount. Jingdong Wuxing carried out series of carnival purchases such as "China Products Week", launched seven shopping strategies. Among them, it can be upgraded to the 1111 yuan head number Beijing paste. It can also receive 100 yuan JPASS voucher through the online Jingdong popular good store. Shopping over 5000 returns 300 yuan, 1000 yuan to return to 100 yuan … With this type, the purchase of 50,000 yuan will return to the cash coupon 5,000 yuan.

  Wal-Mart launches "Double Eleven Online Promotion Activities", search for "Wal-Mart", and receive coupons based on the prompt. In addition, consumers can also participate in exclusive categories / brand full reduction, the whole game is 5 fold, 1000 + spike goods optional, exceeding 2000+ goods over 99 minus 30 and other promotions. Germany and cans carry out online shopping carnival, through Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, praise, and spell a lot of platform all network. The audience is 30 minus 30, and a black pig meat is given every full 68.

  Olon Shibo carried out online full reduction activities, pay attention to Olon Shibo WeChat public account, click to enter Ollow Shibo official micro-commerce city, immediately become Longbao tribe member, and receive double eleven coupons.

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