Yuping starts 3-11 years old people vaccination work

Yuping starts 3-11 years old people vaccination work

In order to further build a population immunization barrier, build a campus epidemic prevention and control "Safety Line". On November 11th, Yuping fully launched a 3-11-year-old group of new crown virus vaccination work. On the afternoon, in the vaccination point of the county maternal and child health center, students from Yushu Second Elementary School are accompanied by parents, wearing a mask, intervals 1 meter ordered, waiting for vaccination. The medical staff registers the personal information of the students who meet the inoculation conditions one by one, ensuring that there is no contraindication and after signing the informed consent.

Student Parents Luo Zhongli said: "Today, the school notifies us to play the vaccine, and then I will bring my children to the hospital to make vaccines.

The process is very standardized. Students have no adverse reactions, I am very relieved to this vaccine.

"In order to ensure the safety and orderly vaccination, the county maternal and child health center sets four regions, registration areas, inoculum, and exposing the vaccination area, and in the first day of the first day, 85 people were inoculated; next, will According to the principle of the land, actively communicate with the surrounding kindergarten, primary school communication, minute, segmentation, batching, batch, 3-11 years old, non-contraindicated people to the hospital for vaccination, is expected to be inoculated with more than 2,500 suitable ageless non-taboo people. Huang Qi Zhiji, Vice President of County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said: "In order to ensure the safe and orderly vaccination of vaccines, we organize the doctor, face doctors, inoculate nurses, medical care doctors to concentrate, and communicate with schools, and is in an orderly manner Organize students to visit new crown vaccines. "It is understood that Yuping will adhere to informed, agree, voluntarily, free and should pick up the principle, according to school organizations by school, non-school students from all walks of life (town, street) or on site, actively guided 3 -11 years old non-contraindicated crowd should be connected, it is expected to fully complete the 3-11-year-old non-taboo population before November 30th, and completely complete the 3-11 years old before December 31. The whole process is inoculated.

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