Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress law enforcement inspection of Fire, "a law one case"

Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress law enforcement inspection of Fire, "a law one case"

Original title: Provincial People’s Congress on Fire, "a law one case," according to the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection supervision 2021 annual work plan of Yunnan Province, in September this year, the three Provincial People’s Congress law enforcement inspection team deep in Kunming components separately, Zhaotong City, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Lijiang six states (cities) to carry out fire inspection of law enforcement, "a law one case", and entrusted the other 10 states (city) Standing Committee, of the administrative regional implementation of the conduct of law enforcement inspection.

  Before law enforcement inspection, law enforcement inspection team members to seriously study the General Secretary Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and discussion on fire safety policies and arrangements regarding fire prevention and relevant laws and regulations, with reference to the relevant requirements of the NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection, clear fire six aspects of security responsibility to implement, fire rescue team building inspection of law enforcement focus. Each team invite experts to a fire area, full participation in the inspection of law enforcement to ensure that law enforcement inspection of professionalism and authority.

  In order to better meet the demands of the people, to find the entry point to carry out inspection work, the law enforcement inspection airing, invited five NPC deputies, 27 deputies participated in the provincial law enforcement inspection team, part of the state (city), county (district) and township (town) deputies attending the symposium, the provincial people’s Congress, grassroots practitioners and the general public knowledge questionnaire issued fire more than 3,800 copies.

  Law enforcement inspection team also went crowded places, residential communities, history and culture of ancient buildings and other places to carry out on-site inspections, random checks of the fire and rescue brigade command center, Kunming Pharmaceutical, Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong northern New fire station, Chuxiong Cigarette Factory, a small number of Wenshan ethnic village Fairy village, Dali Shaxi Jianchuan ancient town of Lijiang Yulong County, kindergartens and other 30 units, 84 are listed in the list of issues, cross-site departments and units, asking them and checking and reform, enact legislation to change.

  "The inspection found that the public acceptance of fire education channels still less than normal, awareness of fire-related laws and regulations, awareness is not high, fire awareness is not strong enough.

Migrant workers, the elderly left behind in rural areas, children and ex situ poverty alleviation relocation point masses and other special groups, lack of basic self-defense self knowledge, there is a lack of fire safety publicity and education work. "Provincial People’s Congress and Social Commission chairman Yang Chao-hui introduced. In addition, institutional mechanisms for fire management and related responsibilities relationship to be straightened out, effective information sharing mechanism between relevant departments has not been established.

Fire safety foundation is weak, rural development planning in most of the province’s infrastructure and consider not fire. Responsibility for fire safety may not be implemented, fire brigades lack of staff across the province. For how to more effectively promote the implementation of fire around the "one law one case," law enforcement inspection team put forward relevant proposals for the work.

The first is to further implement the "organization to carry out regular fire control propaganda and education" of the law, to enhance public awareness of fire safety, fire prevention strengthen the mainstream media. Secondly, we must straighten out the fire related management systems and mechanisms, improve the management system of fire and rescue teams, fire rescue a clear relationship between research institutions and party committees, governments and local emergency management departments at all levels. At the same time, establish and improve departmental information sharing mechanism, establish and improve fire and emergency, police, housing construction, coordination mechanism, information sharing mechanism earthquake, meteorology, natural resources, water conservancy departments, the formation of fire monitoring force.

To further strengthen the implementation of the rural fire service leadership, strengthen infrastructure construction fire.

Further strengthen the key areas of security risks crowded places, high-rise buildings, underground buildings, heritage buildings, ancient towns, traditional villages, villages, rental, logistics, warehousing, old plants and new energy industries judged and rectified.

Urge social units, especially the overall strengthening of fire safety key units of fire safety management, the use of legal means to promote the whole society to implement the main responsibility for fire safety.

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