Zhang Jixun: "Save people is my choice for no regrets"

Zhang Jixun: "Save people is my choice for no regrets"

  [Chongde to Shanming Li Singer] Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Mi Ni Gu Li · Wu Jun, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Seventh Division Hu Yanghe City Yunrun Agricultural Irrigation Service Co., Ltd. Car Ribbon Irrigation District Operation and Maintenance Team Work 51 years old this year.

Since 2001, he worked in the two-piece water distribution point of Liu carton in the car, and he saved the water drills, and he was a good story. On November 5, Zhang Jixun received the 8th National Moral Model Nomination Award.

I did a small matter of slightly, but the party gave me such a high honor. I will continue to work hard to do my job and protect the lives and property of the people.

Zhang Jun said.

  Zhang Jun managed by the willow-channel segment, the maximum water supply is 18 cubic meters per second, and the flow rate is as high as meter per second. After years of water flow, the concrete board on both sides of the channel set a layer of smooth moss, once people fall into the water, even if they swim, it is difficult to go on the shore.

  Located next to the road, Liu Xiangqi is located in the summer, there will be many people to walk around the channel every summer. Although there is a warning sign on the channel, there will be some people to swim, fish, and lose water and drowning. Zhang Jun said that every time you patrol, he will remind people to pay attention to safety. At 23:23 on August 11, 2004, when Zhang Jixun patrol, he suddenly heard the call for help. He rushed to the ride, and some people were struggling, the man’s arm held his head, Hu mess The body is being used downstream by the water stream, and the companion is impressive to the shore.

  Zhang Jixun did not think too much, immediately jumped into the channel, quickly swim to the fall of the water, and found it was a girl after grabbing the arms of the person.

At that time, the girl was over-tense, grabbed Zhang Jiqun without leaving, and the water flows downstream.

In the downstream drop, there is a waterfall with nearly 10 meters of falling water, if fell in, the consequences are unimaginable.

  For a time, I can’t make it hard, and I have a few mouthfuls of water, and getting closer and closer from the water, about only 900 meters away.

I constantly appease the girl’s emotions, let her rest assured that I will save her on the shore.

Zhang Jixun recalls. There are 3 gates in Zhang Jun managed, there is a wall in front of the gate, and there is a broader wall and a large gap. The water flow is relatively flat, as long as you can push the girl to the partition wall, you can save. When arrived at the second partition, Zhang Jixun pushed the girl to push the girl, but he washed away by the water. After that, he could calm down and struggled to swim in the past when arriving in the third partition. After the shore, I kept shaking and felt.

But I heard the call for help, there was only one thought in my mind, which was saved.

After years, recalling the scenes at the time, Zhang Jun still has a lingering.

  Since then, when Zhang Jixi is patrolled, it will carry a 20-meter-long life-saving rope, and the other of the rope is holding a life buoy.

I have read a lot of videos and information about the rescue in the water, I found that lifeguards will carry some rescue equipment with you, I have prepared these life-saving guys.

Zhang Jun said. In these years, Zhang Jun saved a rescue of a rescue, saved a family. He also knows that he is in danger during the process of saving people, but he has never hesitated.

I believe that no matter who it is, I will take this kind of thing, let alone, I am a party member, it should be very out of danger.

Zhang Jun said.

  Helping people when he is brave and fearless, work hard. When Zhang Jixun started to work in the water, the front house is the reed beach, salt base, large pit, daily life water to pick it up to the family of 1 km, eat the dish to buy 6 km away .

When the water was toned, the mosquito bite was all the big bag, but he never called over. Zhang Jun managed the paragraph to accumulate the water volume of the car ribbon reservoir, with nearly 100 million cubic meters per year, giving nearly 20 million cubic meters of water near the unit.

Such a big water supply cannot be slightly sloppy and slack. In the work, Zhang Jixun always meticulously, safeguards the safety operation of water supply, strictly enforces the water distribution standard, and has never been excessive water in 20 years.

  Today, the water distribution point facilities are constantly improving, Zhang Jixun looks in the eyes, happy in the heart. I have a deep feelings about everything here, and I will do everything on foot.

Save people is the choice of me no regrets. When dangerous, I will still come out. He said.